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I started this blog as a research project at work. First I wanted to investigate how to create a blog and secondly discover if it was worth investing the time of valued employees to blog about the company. Then after long days of scanning the ban on the net, filtering through pertinent and useless information, I realized hey, why not blog about something I know?! (yes I know, what an epiphany).

Just me

At the risk of throwing a ME party, I’ll divulge a bit about myself. I’m a 23 year old single mother of a toddler. Hence the title I consider myself more a Mother Single, because I’m always a mother first. Keep in mind when I say single mother, I mean that I parent alone, not that I’m actually single. Quite the contrary actually I have a wonderful bf whom I love with a good bit of my heart, the rest of which is taken up by my Peanut. As for his father (aka The Jerk), I came home from work one evening with my 2 month old son to find our newly purchased home clear of any and everything that belonged to him – not that I particularly cared because he was – well – a very not nice person to me.  He left behind a note that simply read ‘I’m sorry‘ and my child; who would forever be branded as his namesake.  A few weeks later I received a phone call telling me that he was engaged and living in Missouri, to which I responded with a dial tone. Since then he hasn’t had much interaction with my Peanut and is living somewhere in SC with his new wife and kids. Soooo it’s just me and my little guy, aka Peanut. He is my morning pick me up, my afternoon smile and my evening reminder for why God put me on this Earth. I work of course, because I haven’t discovered the correct number combination to the SC lottery just yet, therefore he regrettably goes to daycare. I won’t go into my anti-daycare tirade just yet, we’ll save that for another post. 🙂 I love to write poetry, short stories and I’m working on a book. I love my family and I live and interact closely with them. I’m a daddy’s girl and a tomboy all in one neatly t-shirted package. Well now I think that’s enough about me.

Now to dictate what this blog is about, or will be about. I’ll write about anything from my take on
current events to things I’ve learned being a single Mommy in the workforce. I’m also an avid supporter of many causes, some that have affected my life directly such as Breast Cancer Awareness and some that I just feel are notable causes like the Save Darfur movement. In any case, it’s sure to be a learning curve. Yes, I’m a newbie, I’ll proudly sport my dunce cap until I’ve been at it for at least a year. Do I expect to get anything out of this? No. My objective here is to try and reach others like me, to share thoughts, advice and maybe even a few laughs. I love to write! I may not be good at it and I’ll surely never get a Pulitzer; but everyday I can smile and say I’m doing something that I love and that is what is important.

End thought for the day “If you are always looking back at the past, you may very well stumble over what could have been your future.”


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