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Learning to Trust


I look to God for guidance some cleansing for my soul.praying girl Pictures, Images and Photos

The only One I know can bring me peace when I feel I’ve lost control.

I don’t have the means to make these changes, I scream to Him above.

I’m scared of all the things before me, afraid to live afraid to love!

Watching as all my friendships fade while I’m left standing in the dark.

Wondering if this is how it should be or did I miss the mark?

I know I have to leave things behind but should it be this hard?

Must I shed these layers so quickly, let caution go and drop my guard?

I’m confused by so many things, crying up to the heavens with no reply.

Am I doing this the right way Lord, why won’t You tell me why?

Day to day I struggle – caught in between two lives.

Trying to let the old me fade while making sure my faith survives.

I turn to the word of God but do not understand his plan.

When will I get direction Lord, I need the calm of your hand?

Exhaustion stretches over me, the questions lingers, should I give up?

Can I continue with this battle or have I had enough?

I don’t know how to fight this, its unfamiliar ground.

The world is pushing down upon me threatening to surround.

How can I defeat these feelings? I’m too weak to fight alone!

Is this your intention Lord, must I fight this on my own?

Like an echo in the silence I receive his word.

So quiet and steady it almost can’t be heard.

A single word is uttered, and follow I know I must.

The single word that is my guide, all He says is Trust.

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Trust in Me in times of weakness, I will be your guide.

Trust in Me in moments of fear, there is no need to hide.

Trust in Me when you are angry, I will bring you peace.

Trust in Me when overwhelmed, sanctity is your release.

Trust in Me in all you do, lean not on your own mind.

Just trust in Me and you’ll find peace….

but first you must leave the world behind.




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Ok so I’m a poet (yeah go ahead and laugh I know I should have been born in like the 18th century or something) anyway….a lot of times something will inspire me and the words just start flowing before I can stop them.  Something happened to me not to long ago and it’s worth sharing; it was a pivotal moment in my life when I realized not matter how bad I have it at the moment there is always always someone who would give anything to be in my place.  I hope this inspires others to think that same way.

Much to my surprise

Today I woke up late didn’t have time to shave my legs.
Lost one of my earrings and couldn’t get my son out of the bed.
I spilled my coffee in the car, didn’t get to work by nine.
Forgot to let the dog out, guess I’ll call the carpet cleaner one more time.
Couldn’t seem to keep it together although I really tried.
‘What an awful day’ I said as I sat down at my desk and cried.

Opened up my email to find my bank account was overdrawn.
Went to ask a friend for advice only to hear that she was gone.
Broke a nail on my desk drawer, just had them done last week.
Looked into my purse to find the cap on my makeup had a leak.
Angry at the world today throwing a pity party for me,
‘What an awful day’ I said how much worse can it be?!

So I took a drive at lunch today, just needed some fresh air.
Sitting in traffic on the exit there was a man standing there.
He held a little cardboard sign shame worn on his face.
Begging for any change to spare, in life he’d lost his place.
His hair was gray and matted he hadn’t shaved in days.
And staring at him standing there he humbly caught my gaze.
His clothes were worn and tattered not appropriate for the weather.
Those clothes, that sign and a small black bag were what he owned altogether.
I didn’t look away from him with those bright blue shiny eyes.
And from that moment I could tell they had seen much better times.

On his sign he wrote God Bless but I wasn’t sure he knew what it meant.
So I took my change and a cross from my neck and didn’t question God’s intent.
Stepping out from my car there he shamefully looked away.
I said, “It’s all I have with me but you’re welcome to it anyway.”
I dropped the change inside his palm as he managed a humble “Thank you ma’am.”
And before I could stop myself I put the cross into his hand.
So there we stood two opposites, his tattered sneakers aside my high heel shoes.
And as the notion struck me, although I wanted to, I couldn’t refuse.
I reached out and hugged him, much to his and my surprise.
I said “God loves all children” as a tear ran from his eyes.

I turned and got back into my car right as the light turned green.
And in my rear view mirror I smiled at what was probably an awkward scene.
I imagine all those people around me must have thought I was insane.
Reaching out to a stranger with seemingly nothing for me to gain.
But they couldn’t see what I had seen, I wondered if anyone ever could.
That I wasn’t really doing what I wanted, I was doing what I should.

Suddenly I felt so ashamed crying over such small things.
Today I hugged a homeless man and became painfully aware of my short comings.
How could I be so spoiled? God has blessed me with so much!
A home, a car, a great career, my church, my health and the love in my son’s touch.
I can shower every day, at night I have a pillow and a warm bed.
While he wipes his face with napkins from the garbage and under a bridge he lays his head.

And as I drove away today tears ran from my eyes.
As I realized it was really he who helped me, much to my surprise.



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